DwarPaal Smart Hotel

Making hotels Smart through a centralized control panel to manage all devices and energy utilization while transforming the guest’s user experience through contactless check-ins.

DwarPaal Hotel – How it Works?

Integrating Hotel’s IOT footprint into their core business workflow and thus providing a fully fluid end-to-end “Smart” hotel ecosystem.

DwarPaal Business- Lock options


Deadbolt Lock Accessory to Upgrade Existing Locks


Bluetooth Module To Fit Inside The Existing Locks

A Wide Array of DwarPaal Replacement Locks

Advantages of DwarPaal Hotel

What is in it for Hotels?

Energy efficiency through automated scenes

Superior customer experience with secure and managed room control at customer’s fingertips

Seamless and efficient front desk operations with remote control capabilities of all devices

What is in it for Partners?

Revenue share – recurring per room per month

Revenue share – IOT device margins

Brand recognition for industry transformation